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My name is Sabrina and I started making candles as a means of therapeutic comfort during the COVID pandemic and challenging times. She immediately fell in love with candle making because it allowed her to express herself in an artistic and calming way. Sabrina wants her candles to do the same for her customers; to ground them, calm them, and inspire them. She knows you will love her candles, just as much as she loves making them. 

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Our Story

At Eternally Lit Candles we aspire to create a candle that not only smells amazing but a candle that empowers and makes one feel amazing.  We were successful at creating a candle fragrance that is capable of filling up a room.  Our soy wax candles are hand-poured with high-quality products that are long-lasting and natural. Customer service and ensuring your 100% satisfaction with Eternally Lit Candle Co. is of the utmost importance. We want all of our customers to have an amazing experience with our candles and be completely satisfied.

What is Soy Wax?


Soy wax is made from environmentally friendly, renewable resources and it supports farmers right here in the U.S. Soybeans are grown in American farmer fields and then processed into soy wax. Not only are there "green" advantages to choosing soy candle wax, but soy wax also has a longer burn time than other waxes, meaning you will get a candle that lasts longer and is safe to burn around your family and pets.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

1 - 855 - 915 - 5440

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